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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A lot on our plate

Despite the lack of writings lately on the blog, we have been busy bunnies working towards a change in pace and modus operandi coming soon.

As from February 2012, less than 90 days from now, we will have Michaela and Ben full time with MoM.  This will be the first time that MoM has full time operatives in the field.  Michaela has a stack of experience in Ghana and Ben demonstrated an 'excellent integration' during his visit earlier this year.  

Both of these dynamic young people will be volunteering their first two years of married life to help to change the health quotient of rural folks in Ghana - and we are just setting the scene for them right now - so that they can hit the ground running!  At the same time, we are ensuring that there is sufficient latitude for the dynamic duo to grab the stick and rudder of MoM and steer it safely on course in their own style.

In March 2012, MoM is actively supporting the Integrated National Schistosomiasis Control Initiative conference - the first of its kind in Ghana, and one that has hopes to set new standards for Schisto control - and perhaps eradication for the developing nations.   MoM's extensive community identification work will be a key part of guiding the policy and standards, and we look forward to partnering with the many other stakeholders in the programme - you can read more on the MoM Website under the INSCI tab.

Other developments that they will be picking up include work on an innovative co-operation in relation to using food packaging for health messages... although in its early stages, the concept could well reach out far beyond the borders of Ghana - and change lives, one plate of food at a time.... as it develops, we will share more with you!  

Food security is clearly going to become a major challenge in basic health needs in the coming years, and we must start to think about how to address that in a sustainable manner... 

Meanwhile, Lydia is now able to clap, use her arm for most things and we should be clearing off the charges from the first surgery this week - and start preparing for her second operation, which we have put off until the new year.

For those in Ghana on the 11th December we are holding a fund-raising dinner in Accra, and would be pleased to sell you some tickets to a fun evening!

So, MoM is busy - but much of the happenings right now are 'organisational' and they are laying the foundation for a major thrust into 2012... so stay with us, keep on holding our hands as we build up speed and impact in our areas of operation.

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