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Friday, August 19, 2011

Dear Friends

Whilst Patricia was at Oshkosh in the USA recently she was asked to give an extensive interview with AOPA. They have since released a video-clip and an article, combined. Despite our insistence on certain clarifications, the title of the article is a misleading (Patricia is the first woman to gain the National Pilots Licence, Melody Danquah gained a military pilots licence in the 1960s), but the content is accurate! The thing that is missing from this article is the fact that the EAA actually had a Ghana flag ordered especially for this event, since they had never had an organised Ghana visit to the largest airshow in the world... and that flag was waved proudly, high and long as Patricia addressed the Parade of Nations and encouraged and inspired others to seek the skies and all that such may bring to the people in need in rural areas.


There were a great many articles covering the achievements of this young and inspirational Ghanaian aviatrix who, less than five years ago lived in a small farming community and was completing Senior High School Home Economics....such promotion of the achievements of the 'rural, non-privilaged Ghanaian raise the positive awareness of Ghana more than news of those with means who gain success.... perhaps that is why Patricia is ready and willing to give so much back the young people of rural Ghana. Thank you to all who provided coverage.

Everybody at WAASPS, Medicine on the Move and the AvTech Academy are proud to help uphold and promote the excellent name of aviation in Ghana - and to expand it sustainably throughout the country. Our commitment to aviation for the benefit of rural dwellers and the promotion of health education and inspiration to learn and achieve more, through the use of aviation, remains paramount, and we thank all those who made this trip to the USA possible

Without friends, this trip would not have been possible; our air-tickets and accommodation were sponsored, as was all our transport and sustenance - and many events as well as essential parts for our soon to be complete air-ambulance. To those who contributed to that, please join in the credit given, for without you there would be no 'wind underneath our wings'.

It is not possible to thank everybody, but we will try, and if we missed you out, sorry!

To the tower team at Oshkosh for their hosting,to the numerous stand holders who asked more, to the International team who had a Ghana flag made especially for the event, to the theatre staff at the EAA museum for showing the documentary about Medicine on the Move twice, to Rex and Melissa who organised the Pine Mountain Lake Airport event, to Vicky who shared her Boeing Stearman on a canyon flight, to Eric who allowed Patricia to fly over Yosemite in his C170, to Wayne who gave his time and instruction in his Extra 300L to do spin training and aerobatics,to Linda who has agreed to help with Patricia's FAA licences, to Clay for letting us help him with his aircraft build, to the Zenith Aircraft team who provided aluminium wing tank welding training and check rides in the CH701, CH750 and CH801, to Richard who gave so generously of his excess inventory,to all of the media folks who followed and promoted the stories, to the man from the FAA who gave such encouraging words, to the crowd at the Ebusua Club charity event for supporting the efforts in humanitarian aviation development in Ghana, to the SVCF for moving so fast to ensure that the parts needed had their funds released just in time, to Tim at Aircraft Spruce for his patience and attention to detail, to the hospitality of Michaela, Ben, Clay, Tracey, Sebastian, Susan, Rex, Melissa, Eric, Hella, Tony, Sid, and more, to the security man who checked in the propellor at St Louis, the private pilot who checked us in in Atlanta, and especially to the many people who came up to simply shake the hand of this young lady from Ghana and tell of their story of how she has inspired them... proving that this is a real two-way street!

We are now back in Ghana and have a group of young people arriving to learn more about aviation, aircraft engineering, airfield maintenance, flying and, of course, first aid and health education... changing lives, one flight, and it seems at the moment, one media article, at a time....

Thank you all.
Capt. Yaw

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