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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Be Bold...

Jonathan Porter
The Be Bold initiative (Education and Building Opportunity for Leadership and Development) has started a TV series, chat show style... For the first edition, Patricia Mawuli Nyekodzi, was selected as a person who has BEEN BOLD... and is inspiring others... Apart from the glitzy city show at a 5 star hotel (which is not where I feel comfortable), the event went really well and generated a number of peoples interest...

They showed some super footage of the airfield, aircraft and the 801 awaiting completion....as well as shots of Patricia working on the Rotax engines... Christal also took a flight with Patricia and was impressed!

We extend our thanks to Christal Jeanne (left) for organising this event, for choosing Patricia, MoM, and all that goes on at the airfield... We will follow up with an interview with Erin and Melissa on the 5th March, this years ' Fly Me Day'  - when we will fly 100 children from the villages in a day... (we hope).

Those in Ghana can possibly watch e-TV on Sundays at 9pm starting 30th Jan 2011, for 13 weeks...  this is from the 1st episode on the 30th!!!

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