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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Humanitarian Aviation mentioned in Parliament

Submitted by Jonathan Porter
Amazing as it may sound, today, in Parliament in Ghana the MP for Ho West spoke about the All Over Ghana flight and what has been happening at Kpong Airfield, Patricia's achievements, and inside the statement gave a place to Humanitarian Aviation Logistics. This is a first and an opening of a window of opportunity for MoM.


The story breaking today, will probably not make many waves - but, we are reliably informed, was welcomed by both sides of the house, establishing an informed instrument at central Government. This may seem a small thing to those in other places, but it really is a first here. It is like a key in the door, that we have been waiting for, for a long time...

We are all proud of Patricia for 'flying the flag' of Humanitarian Aviation Logistics,promoting the approach of MoM's sustainable, reliable, effective and relatively affordable solutions that really work to international standards and beyond.

Many thanks must go to the Honourable MP for Ho West, Emmanuel Kwasi Bedzrah for taking the challenge of promoting the achievement of young Ghanaians and bringing these activities to the forefront of the house of management of this nation.

Thank you all for your support - but please remember we are incredibly short of funds to achieve our goals. We REALLY do need to recruit full time staff, since those on the volunteer rota here at 'MoM Central' are overloaded and beginning to show some fatigue cracks under the strain... results like this boost us, but this needs to move to the next step. We have proved it, now we need to extend it - help us fund the full time crew that this operation needs. We have a Master of Public Health, a Doctor, nurse and a PR friendly Biochemist who are keen to come on board, they are not greedy, but they need to eat, they are ready to forego many of their current comforts to be full timers, we just need a solution to get them started - LET'S DO IT and change many more lives, one flight at a time!

Thank you all.

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