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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Water, water, everywhere!

Submitted By Marcel Stieber

Grass starts to grow only a few short hours after the rains hit the airfield. Similarly, when four men set to work on plumbing, water points start appearing out of thin air! Newly installed right next to the workshop is a nice little water spigot ready to clean greasy hands and fill buckets to clean the planes. Another water point is now on the outside of the Agric building ready to work with the pressure washer for keeping vehicles looking nice. Along the fence line behind the hangers we've added yet another water point to help with bush fires and the usual hand washing as well. And most importantly, the bathroom in the Agric building is water plumbed and now ready for the porcelain treatment to finish it off! That's all in a days work for us here at the field. The next updates on this project will surely shock you!

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