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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A roof above my head...almost.

Submitted by Marcel Stieber

Progress on the Agric Building is ramping up! Earlier this week, a big team of us worked to place and secure the 4 steel roof trusses on the concrete pillars. Mr Solo carefully directed the workers to position the trusses so that the roof is level and aligned correctly. After a hard mornings work positioning the _heavy_ trusses, Carol and I spent the afternoon welding the trusses to the concrete steelwork to secure them in place for the final casting. Carol started as a safety person for me to weld, but quickly jumped on the ladder and tried her hand at ARC welding on two of the trusses! Our volunteers here are never idle and always jump up to the occasion, Carol can now proudly say that she welded the roof trusses on the building on her next visit when it's all complete!

With the roofing trusses in place, Mr Solo and Bernard are hard at work getting the complex forms ready for casting around the trusses and finishing up the pillars to the roof height. The masons come next week to cast the columns, every day getting us closer to completion of the project! Three big tasks remain: electricity, water/plumbing, and roofing! Each takes quite a bundle of time and money. Hopefully Mr Solo, Bernard, Lele, and I can work to trench the water and electricity to the building while the rest of the team is at AERO this year. Once we get a sponsor for the roofing materials, then the final construction can take place and the building be brought into action. Maybe you are interested in helping out?

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  1. The building is still a little far from completion. But with all of you helping out to accomplish this, I'm sure you all would be celebrating inside it soon, equally proud of your contributions. Good luck with everything!
    Eulalia @ Barnhouse Exteriors