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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fly Me Day 2011 - A blast from the past!

Submitted by Marcel Stieber

Yesterday, while looking for some Kente print fabrics for our AERO booth, the shop owner's 11 year old daughter Harriet recognized our yellow shirts from the Fly Me Day she attended 2 years ago at Kpong Field! Harriet beamed a great big smile and excitedly told us that she had flown in the "red and white" plane with Captain Yaw. Her mother was also proud to tell us about all of our planes that she sees flying overhead and how she tells her friends about the airfield and what an amazing experience it was for their students. Apparently all the girls in Harriet's school are now aspiring pilots and engineers; thanks to their flying experience 2 years ago at Kpong Field! It is always wonderful to see the direct effects of our outreach to these communities and how much change it can bring for the student's lives. We did end up buying the cloth from Harriet's mother for our booth at AERO so the stand decorations in Germany will be products from the mother of one of our Fly Me Day candidates. That is the sort of symbiosis that gives us the inspiration to keep going day after day!

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