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Thursday, March 14, 2013

MoM Car in the Wild

Submitted by Marcel Stieber

Over the past few months, Francis Norman and his crew in Germany have worked hard to get the new Medicine on the Move vehicle purchased and shipped to Ghana. Just last week we finally received it at the airfield once all registration and basic maintenance was complete. Lucky for us, this lovely Silver Opel Astra got put to the test right away with a three-day road trip to the Afram Plains! And it performed wonderfully! The six-speed diesel turbo did a wonderful job on the roads and handled the dirt roads and potholed tarmac with ease. Seating 5 comfortably including all the camera gear you can imagine, the Opel is now very much a part of the MoM family and will surely see many more years of good service in the field. A big thanks to Francis Norman, all of his friends in Germany, and all the others that put time and energy into making our new vehicle a reality. Thank you!

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