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Friday, March 15, 2013

Hi Tech Drops

Madame Confidence explains
drops to the teachers
Even with all the people we have involved in preparing the drop materials, some of the best ideas still come from the people themselves. On our recent drops to the Afram Plains, the School Headmaster Ben asked me if we ever drop anything besides paper materials. He was specifically interested in having us drop video lessons for his students that the AvTech Academy has made: Ghanaians teaching Ghanaians! Dropping CDs or DVDs would not work well due to the delivery methods, but if we had a donation of 1000 USB flash drives the possibilities would be endless. Of course this delivery method would not work for all rural communities since most are without power, but those along the main roads in the Afram Plains do have power, even if it is intermittent. Ben indicated that video lessons and education materials will leave a more lasting and meaningful mark on his students when compared to written materials.

Ben the Headmaster
Supplementing the regular drop posters with this hi tech solution might just be one more step in the right direction for us. Yes we will need to test delivery methods and ensure survivability of the materials. Yes we need to try and find funding to support this new drop method. Yes it means we need to spend more time preparing video materials for the communities But in the long run, if it provides for better retention and better understanding of the necessary health education, then we will all come out as winners at the end. Some of the best ideas come from the communities themselves, maybe you can help Ben see his wish come true.

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