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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fly Me Day 2013

These past few weeks have consumed our every moment with preparation for the Afram Plains Fly Me Day.

Due to the usual Murphy's Law of everything needing fixed (water problems, fuel sourcing issues, truck engine meltdown, aircraft technical challenges, too many visits to Accra, court cases, etc.) PLUS working flat out to prepare for fly me day and the forthcoming initial drops into the Afram Plains, I feel as if there is a distinct shortage of days in the hour!

All the same, we appear to be ready. All participating aircraft were finally 'released from engineering' and the last pilot passed their check ride for day as the sun started to back light the emergent mahogany trees on the ridge to the West.

A lot of consistent hard work from every member has us going to sleep early on the eve of a new outreach.

The Afram Plains girls have sailed all day and are sleeping in Akosombo for the night. ..ready to drive to the airfield at first light.

These girls will see aircraft close up for the first time ever. They will get a short ride and then learn more about the forthcoming Afram Plains outreach. We will demonstrate drops and explain what is coming their way.

Excited is an understatement for our feelings and also for that of the Afram Plains girls who will doubtless sleep little tonight on the floor of a hall.

We hope to bring you images and stories that will help you to grasp why we do what we do!

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