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Saturday, September 15, 2012


The first media coverage, in 2006, at Kpong Airfield was done by the amazing and incredibly versatile TV and radio personality Blakofe (cheers and claps). So, when she dropped in today (Friday) to see how we were all doing we were thrilled. As a leading promoter of 'African Women being African' and heralding the importance of not bleaching skin (a common, damaging, practice in our part of the world) as well as other 'pro-the-way-we-are-and-should-be-proud-of-it' stuff, such as natural hair, etc... with some very convincing stories on how peoples health can be affected by a lot of the strange products that are now common place in the African beauty market, she gave a great motivational moment to the girls at the airfield. Support from Blakofe is wonderful, and her personality spilled across the field as she enjoyed the facilities that she has seen grow over the past few years from just a stick and thatch hut to a small village, changing lives, one flight at a time... Thanks Blak, come back soon!

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