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Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunrise with Channel 3

When Eric Don Arthur from the TV3 Sunrise show suggested we do a slot on his morning show, he wanted us to do a Saturday morning... Much as the coverage would be great, Saturday and Sunday are the main days for operations at the Airfield, and we had to decline. Then, Good Friday happened! With Francis Norman ( http://francisnorman.de/ ), the amazing violin master, we set off. The plan for the show was 'Good things on Good Friday'... We were honoured to be considered 'Good things!' (thanks Eric!)

Eric focused on the 'route via challenges' that we all had. Francis did the first segment, with some amazing violin playing, then it was the MoM representatives turn. Francis has recovered from Cancer. Myself several physical challenges. Patricia the struggle from clearing bush lands and being the ground-breaker in many things. Then, the 'star of the show', Lydia with her special story ( http://medicineonthemove.blogspot.com/p/lydias-story.html ).

Lydia had not done TV studio work before, and she shone at it! Her smile, her ability to keep to her story despite the many interruptions of Eric (well meaning ones), and her clear 'ease' of handling her disability. No longer do we see the girl who tried to hide her arm. No, Lydia is now making strides forwards, clearing the way for others, making her voice heard. All of this is only possible thanks to the support of people like YOU!

We are proud of all of the people who support our work. We are proud of all the people we work with, and we are proud to represent them all on a show like TV3 Sunrise!

We look forward to the show bringing many more people to meet us at Kpong, and hopefully, getting engaged in the activities of MoM! Thanks to TV3 and Eric!

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