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Monday, April 16, 2012

The First ETCHE Metting!!!!

Today was the first community meeting, held in Asesewa, the nearest market town to the drop zones. All the communities who said they would come, came. The DCE, the District Commander of Police and the Queen Mothers came and supported the event. All were full of excitement. All were full of expectations. All were wonderful, eyes filled with anticipation.

 My own eyes filled as I stood with Patricia amongst the people we had only met by air before and they raised their 'ETCHE Drop' Bags proudly, and we shared stories about the buildings, their roads, their crops, their fishermen, and we bonded.

They all want more drops: 'The children are SO excited - we want more.' More they shall have, funds permitting.

Tomorrow Michaela will share the outcomes of the health education - and the reactions in other ways...
For me, today ranks alongside being at the birth of a child, the emotion and moment of realisation, all these pregnant pauses to get to this point have finally gone through the labour pains and brought forth the FIRST full community meeting of ETCHE.
More to come, as together we change more lives, in more ways than we can imagine, one flight at a time!

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  1. ... this is wonderful and a great, great achievement. Congratulations! :)