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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kpong field

When we say we live and work at the airfield, come rain or shine, it is not always easy to grasp unless you see it for yourself. Here we can see a small storm system playing around the site, we can see (from left to right) the briefing room, the fuel depot, tractor and car port, green hangar, machine shop (incomplete), spraying booth and workshop and hangars... and the main runway is just in front of you...

If you turn around you can see the aircraft accommodation, MoM offices and mini-clinic site. Here we see, on the left, Staff accommodation and Girls Hostel, and on the right, staff accommodation, visitor accommodation, training rooms and mini-clinic - and the end is the dog run for Spitfire and Catalina - the airfield dogs...

A working, functional and safe base is essential to successful operations. Having the girls hostel is key to behavioural change - bringing the girls into the 'immersion environment' has proven to increase learning success massively. The AvTech girls are housed and fed at the site, ensuring safety and nutrition! Imagine the challenges of transport, feeding and the 'cultural distractions' that being in the local town would bring. We started that way, and since moving the girls to the site we can see developmental leaps in their achievements.
The same will come with the implementation of the Mini-Clinic, once completed. It will provide for a child and parent to be 'immersed' in an environment where behavioural change is positive and then take that home with them. Imagine the potential comment 'When I learned to change the dressings on my child's wounds, all the young people living at the airfield used antiseptic cream, none of them used herbs or animal dung on their wounds - and they all looked healthy and were doing well in their schooling'.... I must admit that our AvTech youngsters are visibly healthy and active, and confident beyond their years...

THAT is what we are building - a living, sustainable, testimony to the power of behavioural change - not only in health, but also in education, achievement and socio-economic-sustainability.

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  1. chumphol sirinavinApril 8, 2012 at 4:20 AM

    Great work of love!
    Quite and endeavor.