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Friday, January 25, 2013

The People make Ghana an amazing place....

Blog Submitted by Marcel Stieber,

Another exciting day today! On our usual weekly expedition to Accra, our lovely KIA Truck decided to give out on us on the drive into the city. Jonathan noticed decreased engine power along with a slipping fan belt that quickly developed into large amounts of black smoke trailing behind. After a quick crew briefing on evacuation procedures (just as we had practiced on the airfield on Saturday!) and a skillful coasting to the edge of the road, we parked the truck, and immediately exited, fire extinguisher and valuables in hand. A quick inspection of the engine showed lots of oil throughout, though no immediate cause visible. Sadly, even though this car was received new, it suffers from the usual maladies just like any other we have. The harsh roads and hot weather are always hard for any vehicle. Fortunately we broke down only a mile away from our amazing mechanic Charles who arrived within minutes of us stopping on the motorway and immediately let us borrow his personal car for the day whilst he sorted out getting the truck towed and the other car repaired so that we could continue on our journey.

Incidents like these remind me how amazing the culture is here and how wonderful all the Ghanaian people are. With a simple phone call we had our car repair in progress and a courtesy car at our disposal for the day to complete our errands!

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