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Thursday, January 31, 2013

A slice of home... CHEESE!!!!!!

A little taste of heaven. Yes. Yes. Yes. Find of the century. Almost out of date Camembert at Ghs3.00... $1.50 or £1.00. Normally 5 times or more that price and a product that we never purchase.

Cheese is a high end luxury item here, but to have it for breakfast at discount. .. even if a little out of date, soft and full of cheese perfume. .. is a total gastronomic delight.

Every body got to try some and, even if most of the folks here were not as appreciating as my own European taste buds, it was a rare opportunity to taste cheese.

When you come to visit Please remember that our diet is very different to Europe or the USA. ... very different indeed. .. you will need to be really lucky to get cheese!

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