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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

VFR on-top

On Monday we pushed out on a tight schedule, dodging weather and working to a new drop route. Michaela added two more drops to the run. Climbing out, the only safe route was VFR On-Top to clear the ridge - the views magnificent, as was the turbulence. In this image we are barely at 2500', and the cloud formations are rapidly growing.

During the drops we achieved some of our most accurate deliveries, Patricia's flying improving on every run - so much so that she surprised me on one drop where the bag fouled and she appeared to almost reverse the aircraft with deft use of throttle and pitch, enabling a perfect targeted delivery.

We set out with extra fuel, planning for a deviation to Kumasi, in the event of weather breaking from the East. Fortunately for our day, on the way back we dodged weather and made a safe return.

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