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Friday, May 18, 2012

Time to review emergency procedures

Submitted by Michaela Sholes

MoM continued it's first aid training with the AvTech students today with a review of an emergency scenario and introduction of the B.E.A.M (Body Elevation and Movement) technique. The girls are gaining confidence in their skills as they learn to assess patients in an emergency situation and regularly practice taking vital signs on the staff here on the airfield. Lydia exhibits a very caring bedside manner, while Emmanuella's strength lies very much in her ability to remember all the details of what she needs to look for, and Juliet is very good about taking and maintaining control of an emergency situation. In addition to the practical skills they are learning, the girls also participate in a discussion session prior to the hands-on material, where they have the opportunity to talk about concepts in health education, such as respecting cultures and traditions, effective teaching strategies, and ways in which their future students may be empowered. It's very interesting to hear the concepts and ideas that speak to each girl differently...for example, Lydia holds very tightly to the idea that health education is built around working together to address the concept of health and improving ones health. Emmanuella speaks very passionately about needing to respect traditions and cultural beliefs as they affect health, and brought up the fact that issues such as economics and land are to be remembered when it comes to community health. Juliet feels strongly about the need to evaluate your efforts along the way, as well as the way that health educators need to both teach and listen to those they work with. I learn new things from these girls each week and thoroughly enjoy these sessions!

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