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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thank you for calling Medicine on the Move, please hold....

The calls began around 12:30pm as I was driving home from the Fulani camp. I saw a strange number pop up on my phone...and then another one..and still more until around 7:30 this evening! Over crackly phone lines and iffy reception, we have made contact with nearly 10 communities already. It's the first day and that's nearly 50% response rate! I'm thrilled to see what tomorrow brings! I admit, it made me smile mid-phone call as I felt like those busy secretaries in movies who move so rapidly from conversation to conversation "Thank you for calling Medicine on the Move, please hold; Thank you for calling Medicine on the Move"

Getting to "meet" each of the community representatives via the phone, answering their various questions about the ETCHE program, and learn a little bit about each of their individual areas has been the absolute highlight of the week so far for me!

An added bonus to an already exciting day was a visit from James, the health volunteer from Battorkope! Our meeting was the first official visit to take place in our new MoM office in B3 as we asked for his feedback on some of the health messages we plan to include in the ETCHE bags! His insight was much appreciated and we look forward to implementing some of his ideas.

Each drop costs approximatley $50. If you would like to sponsor a healthcare drop please make a donation to MoM Via the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

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