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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fly Me Day memories

Submitted by Boulos Abawi

I recently had the good fortune to observe -and participate in a very small way- in the annual “Fly-Me-Day” event at Kpong Airfield, where some 127 local kids were given the chance to fly in one of the light airplanes at the field.

It was quite a memorable experience to to see the enthusiasm, anticipation and in some cases apprehension in the eyes of those youngsters as they queued to register for the flight, had their photos taken and got their own personalized pilot log books. After the flight in the fleet of airplanes flying around the circuit in a precisely coordinated formation, and as the kids were led back from the runway by the ever-efficient and highly disciplined girls from the Aviation Academy, one could clearly see the excitement, joy and spontaneous smiles on their young faces. For most of them, coming from the neighbouring rural communities, it must have been the high lights of their lives so far, and this adventure of flying will not be forgotten for a long time to come.

The day was a complete success, and in pondering on the huge logistics, resources and efforts that went into planning, organizing and realizing this event, one can’t help but admire the dedication and hard work of all those involved in bringing the dream of flying to the lives of young kids.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the festive atmosphere that only kids can bring to such an event. I will definitely mark my calendar for next year’s “Fly-Me-Day” – it’s not an event that I want to miss.

Submitted by: Paul Himsworth

I was thinking about this weekends Fly Me day and recalling the school trips I went go on, typically days out in London to see various events and national monuments. All very exciting at the time but nothing in comparison to Saturday’s adventure. It was great to see all the students lining up to take their turns in the cockpit. All well behaved and with slightly serious faces reflecting the trepidation they must have felt. Totally natural bearing in mind that they were about to experience something that the vast majority of the world never will. The face on the students after they had landed was fantastic. I never realised you could get so many teeth in one head. I’m sure their joy was real affirmation to all the Pilots, Avtech girls and volunteers for the hard work and exemplary organisation they had put in. Also well done to the Queen Mothers and teachers. Seeing you share your encouragement and care off the student was terrific. It was and inspiring day for us all and hopefully it has sown a seed with the students to aspire for higher things, apologies for the pun.

Submitted By: Augustine Sam Biney

Aviation is a world on its own, comes with its own rules and regulations, truly being in the aviation family is a second world.

Flying people on a special day like this one takes special people to do so,
Being an air marshal on 'fly me day' gave me a new experience in my life, helping passengers board and alight from the airplane was my job, and I did my best to put thing under control,

In all we head a calm weather, from the morning till late afternoon, when the weather changed against us.
Nevertheless we were able to hit our target, by flying as many people as we can,

We thank the almighty God who made all things possible for us to sail through the day successfully, and to our dear pilots who ensure a safe state of affairs and made things go on successfully, I say bravo.

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