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Monday, November 1, 2010


All Over Ghana Flight

Flight scheduled to begin November 1 2010
sumbitted by Jonatha Porter

On November 1 2010 9G ZAF ( accompanied by 9G ZAC) will undertake an "All Over Ghana flight" to demonstrate the effectiveness of the CH701 for H.A.L. (Humanitarian Aviation Logistics). Depending on internet availability we will be posting blogs from the major stopovers. At the controls of 9GZAF will be Patricia Nyekodzi Mawuli, MoM Pilot and Aircraft Technician.

Weather permitting we will overfly or route near to each of the other 'Capitals of Ghana'. Not only are we covering the Regional Capitals, but also the Cashew Capital of Ghana in Mim, the Market Capital of Ghana at Techiman and the Light Aviation Capital of Ghana at Kpong! Watch the skies, and catch the flying fever.

Our route is as follows, weather permitting.

Day 1
Depart Kpong field at 6:30 AM November-1-2010, Overfly Koforidua, and Cape Coast landing in Takoradi. Time, weather and internet willing we will blog from Takoradi. After a rest we will depart Takoradi, flying over Mim in route to Sunyani, were we'll blog, rest, refuel and spend the night.

Day 2
Depart Sunyani to Wa, were we'll rest. Depart Wa in route to Bolgatanga finishing the day in Tamale. Hopefully we will be able to blog from Wa and Tamale.

Day 3
Depart Tamale overflying Techiman routing to Kumasi for a rest. Depart Kumasi routing Ho, Kpong on to our final destination Accra.

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