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Monday, November 1, 2010

Pre Flight, The 2010 All Over Ghana Flight

Submitted By Jonathan Porter

Today is the day… we are all up at 04:30 and ready to set off towards the airfield.. final fuelling (we will leave with topped off tanks which can only be done just before departure). The ground support vehicle will need to be loaded, press conference given, and then we will be off…

Our first view as we climb away will be Krobo mountain, the sentinel at the end of our runway… magnificent and changing its hues as the rains finally subside towards the dry season, giving us hope of some better weather during the trip.

As you wait for the Takoradi report, here are some facts about the aircraft and the trip…

The Aircraft:-

Zenith CH701, designed by Chris Heintz. Built in Ghana by Patricia Mawuli and other Ghanaian young ladies at WAASPS Ltd. West Africa’s leading light aviation development centre (http://www.waasps.com/) at Kpong Airfield, near Akuse Junction, Eastern Region.





White with red leading edges.

Patricia Mawuli Nyekodzi

Capt. Yaw


White with blue leading edges

Patrick Ata

Martin Talbot

Patricia is the first Ghanaian woman to obtain Ghana’s National Pilots Licence, and Patrick is the first Ghanaian man to obtain the same… so many first are already achieved, many more are to come…
Some specifications and what will be carried…

Maximum Take Off Weight 500kgs
Rotax 912UL Aircraft Engine developing 80Hp
Wingspan 8.2m
Length 6.38m
Height 2.6m
2 crew
18kg Baggage compartment
Upto 150litres fuel in four wing mounted fuel tanks, run in two circuits – inboard pair and outboard pair.
4 bottles of water
Mobile Telephones (for air to ground SMS weather information)
VHF air band transceiver radio (for Air Traffic Control and aircraft-to-aircraft communications)
Removable Sighting Compass
Air speed indicator
Fuel pressure gauge
Fuel flow sight glasses for each pair of tanks
Engine instruments
Horizontal Situation Indicator
Vertical Speed Indicator
Turn Indicator
Ground Speed Indicator
GPS Moving Map satellite navigation systems
GPS satellite navigation altimeter
Terrain Warning Systems
Fuel drain inspection glass
2 empty fuel canisters
First Aid Kit
2 spare Carburettor seats
8 spare exhaust springs
spare Oil Filter
8 spare spark plugs
Locking wire
Spanners/sockets (8, 10, 13, 17mm, 3/8”, 7/16”)
Spark plug tool
1litre of engine oil
Selection of AN bolts, nuts and washers
Allen keys, metric and imperial
2 tie down ropes
Digital Cameras
Bottle for in-flight relief if necessary

In addition AF (Patricia’s plane) carries

Internet computer
Belly camera mount (down view)
Remote monitor for belly camera

Travel-John for ladies

Ground Support vehicle carries :-

Variety of Aircraft spares
Variety of Aviation tools
300litres of Total Super Effimax fuel 95 Octane (RON)
4 litres of Engine Oil
Oil Filter cutter
Stanley knife
Socket Set
Spanner set
Torque Wrench
Water Separation filter for fuel transfers
Fuelling Stand
Overnight bags
600w inverter to charge cameras and computers in case of power issues at overnight stops
Foot pump (for tyres)
Windshield cleaner
Propeller cleaner
3 Aircraft Tie down blocks

So, check back later to see how we got on with the first leg!
Medicine on the Move is the only NGO Humanitarian Aviation Logistics operation in Ghana and has access to several aircraft, including the CH701 and an X-Air Amphibian. We are nearing completion of a 4 seat CH801 air ambulance, but are still short of funds for its completion… hence this flight for awareness of just what can be achieved, if you dare to dream…

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