With your help the people of West Africa have "a chance, not only to change their own lives and their own destinies, but to change the future of an entire generation".

Sunday, November 24, 2013

CONTACT!!!! Vroom Vroommmmm

After nearly a year we are finally completing the play plane at Kpong Airfield.   Our heart felt thanks go to those who have supported this development.

So many young people here do not even begin to understand aircraft and the principles of flight.   For many of them access to the air side would be unnecessarily dangerous.   Hence the play plane.   It is a near 1:1 scale replica of a Zenith Ch801 but adapted to playing and learning within the scope of available materials.

Next up will be to find some creative artists to add the educational paint scheme!

Education and health are key focus points of all that we do here.   We use aviation and engineering as conduits and catalysts in that outreach.


  1. After nearly a year we are finally completing the play plane at Kpong Airfield. Our heart felt thanks go to those who have supported this development.

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  2. Hello MoM team! You all are doing amazing work. Glad I stumbled upon your blog. We're working to do similar work in Gabon (www.gabonpilot.blogspot.com). Looking forward to stopping by for a visit sometime. Steve

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  7. I must say i was overwhelmed that this is happening right here in Ghana and i never had any idea about it. How can i be part of this group?

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