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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Preparing for the Afram Plains...

As we complete the preparations for our 1000 drops into the Afram Plains, Patricia met with Confidence
regarding materials and the target messages.

From the discussion it became clear that our flights are already impacting on young women in the community.

The challenges of poor school attendance and teenage pregnancies appears to be a major concern in the area and one that our efforts are seriously working positively on.

We have decided to produce a special series of drops for the Afram Plains and to use key women who the girls see as role models. It was made clear that Patricia and the girls from Kpong are key role models and they want that personal message.

Our scope of impact is greater than we realised. We will stand up to the plate and work on changing lives hand in hand with the community leaders.

We are still short of funds to complete the drops and ask that anybody wanting to support the drops to the Afram Plains visits our donation pages at..... http://www.medicineonthemove.org/index.php/donate/donate

Thank you.

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