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Monday, February 4, 2013

Bit by bit.......

A while back we were donated some trusses from an old building. As we are now working towards a place to keep and work on the tractors and implements needed to keep the airfield in good shape, we have spruced them up and got them ready for the roof.

I don't think that they will go up for a while - but they are ready, for the moment when we get the time and funds to complete the building. 

The success of our growth here has been in taking many different things and using them bit by bit, all the time with the bigger picture in our minds.

We have a BIG vision, with MANY facets, and bit by bit, by taking care of the small details such as cleaning up some old roofing trussed and painting them, keeping them in good condition, ready to use, we will succeed in the completion of this vision - and it will grow stronger as we learn each day.

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