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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Captains Log, year 2012, day 5. Masons Progress.

'Masons Progress' should be the title of a book by John Bunyan - it would make interesting reading....

Last years struggle against the 'friendly-enemy' of the Masons, comparable in cunning to the Klingons, has led to a change in working relationships - for the better. It seems that the Masons, considered us more like the Borg, and our desire to assimilate them into a 'working culture' lead to some aggravated engagements - such as we would like never to go though again, for the sake of the Federation, as well as for MoM.

The Masons, a breed known across the world for their ability to consume silcon, granite and clinker based products with insatiable appetite, without consideration for the time schedule or budget laid down by the paymasters... I am happy to report that, after nearly 18 years of negotiations in this part of the world, for the first time, a project appears to be running to schedule.

Yesterday I was not on site, having to take papers to GCAA in Accra and source electrical and hydraulic components (not for the Warp drive). Arriving after dark, it was not until this morning that I saw the B3 end of B3/4 was all but at lintel height - and barring any anomalies in the space-time continuum the target for the week should be met.

We have been told that we can get the roofing sheets for B3/4 for GHS3000 (just under $2000) and have blocked the price for one week - it will go up 20% after that. So, as we are getting the workers on schedule, we need to get ahead of the game on the next round of materials, so that this momentum can be maintained - we are seeking warp-speed, but not warped-wood as we move to the window and door frames next week... and the 'encounters with the carpenters'.... NOT the singing kind!

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