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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Cement is a basic part of construction - and it is a costly commodity - both in terms of purchase and in transport costs... and with the new building coming up, we need a lot of cement... fortunately, thanks to some good friends and the associated kind donation of transport, and now we have cement... 517 bags to be precise.... by going the bulk route we have saved considerably per bag, and without the cost of local pick up and delivery, have made substantial savings in time, thus reducing delays, and that will allow us to move forwards rapidly on the B3/4 'accommodation and basic clinic/training centre'. It is only by working like this that we are able to achieve the things that we do - so please know that every dollar you send to MoM, MoM makes it work ... and work more than once!!!

I have to say, that this size truck arriving had us all on our toes, and making sure that the crew did not wander into hangars was an added burden... but it all went off OK... and on Monday slab laying will commence, hopefully to be complete before the seasonal break... Special thanks go especially to JVC for the kind donation of their truck and to VLTC for the use of their allocation towards our projects.

Partnership is the key to development; it is partnership that has gotten us this far, and this new building will enable so much partnership with the local people - and a much needed solution for training, primary and secondary care for many.

We are still hunting donations to complete this project.... Roofing is our next big expense... wood and roofing sheets will come in at around $7,000.... then the finishing ($6000) and then the 'fitting out' ($8000).... we are probably around $20,000+ short of what we really need to enter this programme into service.... and we want to achieve that in the next 12 weeks...

If you have a local contact for aluminium roofing sheets (cut to size), wood (legal, not 'illegal wood' please), tiles (floor and wall), a medical couch, medical cabinets, etc.... please please put us together....

Cheerful ambition has never been in short supply around here... join us, it is the only way to move forwards! :-)

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