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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday 9-24-2011

A quiet day at the airfield, but we did get to fly out to check on the progress at Battorkope ready for a landing.... it was a shock - the water level is rising fast and unless they hurry up there will not be enough land left to land on this side of the new year. The water is considerably higher than this time last year and despite our warnings the folks there simply do not believe that the levels will be allowed to do the same as last year....

Back at the airfield, work progresses in the workshop as we undertake essential maintenance.... with some hornet stings to boot!

We hope to be able to land this week at Battorkope... but it is looking not promising.... Approvals for Kete Krachi are needed before we can land there again, and they are still not forthcoming...

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