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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fulani school, recruitment for vocational training.

Posted by Cindy Gracelyn Yeboah

Last week Monday, I had another wonderful time with the kids at the Fulani Educational Center . Turn up was quite okay, three students have stopped because they moved to another town. We now have a class size of 26. 18 were present and 8 were absent.

Elias is doing well in his new school. Asmau and her sister Ayshatu could not go to school last week Monday. Upon enquiry, I was told their mum left home at dawn to the city, to sell her stuff and left the children in bed. When the children woke up there was no one to bath and prepare them for school.

We did a recap of the health talk.  The responses were very encouraging. Every thing we taught them was well understood and practiced as well. The class was split into two with two teachers Audrey and me. The little ones learnt colours and some rhymes and the older ones learnt basic multiplication.

This Monday was also a great one. Attendance was good - 21 were present and 5 were absent. The class was again split into two. We continued with the learning of the colours, rhymes and the multiplication. The performance of the students is improving; their pronunciations are now becoming more accurate. They can now say some simple phrases in English confidently. Some of these phrases are; ‘am fine thank you’, ‘am sick’, ‘am hungry’, ‘am tired’ and so.

After the class, we had a resource person who is a designer by profession to speak to our young girls about a government sponsored youth training project - this project is a wing of a broad project in Ghana called the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP).

It gives employment opportunities to youth in the country to be employed in the public sectors, health sectors and the educational sectors and in areas where the government needs more hands. This project also gives vocational training to under privileged people who had little education or no education at all.

It is in this light, that we introduced the older Fulani girls and young mother who are too old to go to school, to the programme.

 The Fulani Educational Center project also believes in self empowerment for sustainability of the rural folks. Making them believe that, they, through their own abilities / strengths can bring positive change into their lives, to improve upon their livelihood and their general health conditions as a whole

Currently five young girls have been sent to have them registered to be trained as seamstresses.
Once again I believe this is another great achievement chalked by the Fulani school. Helping people to attain total self dependence.

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