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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Visit to Kpong field

Submitted by Francis Norman
Friday 22.April first meeting with Matt @ Kpong Airfield- started a nice Kitelandboarding session on the field. It’s a great spot with an awesome panoramic view with Krobo Mountain in background. I took some nice pictures of my brother Emmanuel during his Land board session.

Sunday 24. April

Second visit to the Airfield together with Emmanuel. Meet some AvTech Girls, we sing together and they loved their first exericises on the violins I brought. Especially Lydia even with her right arm being damaged she is very talented and produced really nice sounds from the violin. I left a small Violin for the MoM guys to use it for their work (Jonathan used to play and has the knowledge to show it to the kids a little).
My highlight of this day was an awesome and impressing flight in the XAir. I sit on the Pilot seat and did the flight operations. Jonathan gave me instructions, because it's really different to do tropical flights if you are used to the European climate. The flight took us over Somanya, Kpong and the beautiful Volta river area and the huge lake Volta.  We did one touch and go before we landed. The whole flight is recorded with a GoPro HD cam.

Wednsday 27.April 2011

Ongoing work @ kpong airfield. They’re building a visitor’s accommodation and installing underground water pipelines for toilets. Matt and I bought cement, than we started to fix the broken wind turbine. After a tasty meal of rice, meat and salad Jonathan, Matt, Patricia and I started a discussion about the Ghanaian workers. It seemed to be that they need some motivation, because they didn’t looked happy and worked really slow, 3 guys were watching one of the workers dig the holes for the water lines. We decided to go and motivate them. I took my violin and played some music for them while Jonathan and Patricia joined them and helped with digging and all the other work. The workers appreciated the music very much, they started do dance a little and they began to work faster. You could see that they appreciated the assistance and enjoyed working with live music. This was an successful idea of Jonathans.
After that Matt and I went to plant some paprika and tomato plants in the nice MoM garden. Before we went home we dropped the workers in Kpong and Somanya with my uncle’s taxi.

Update from Francis, "Surfing Kpong field"

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