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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Femcare Challenge.... How to introduce sanitary wear in a village...

Submitted by Jonathan Porter
As we prepare for the first Femcare sanitary towel drop in Battorkope, we must get our training right. We recently spent a morning discussing the challenges of this - and raised more questions than provided answers.
We did establish that we needed to make this first Femcare drop a bit more special and complicated - in that it will take a double trip to get Audrey and Patricia to the village. There is no way the airfield will be approved in time, so two amphibian runs will be needed (Patricia is not yet rated on the Amphibian). Patricia speaks Ewe, Krobo and Twi, and Audrey speaks Twi (they both speak English too!). Patricia will be flown out first to set up the event, then Audrey will be splashed in, the reverse on extraction. Patricia can then get everybody set up prior to Audrey's arrival and also answer one-on-one questions after Audrey's extraction flight.
It is a wonderful part of MoM bringing people together of different backgrounds to solve challenges deep in rural Ghana, transported on wings of hope to change lives one flight at a time - or in this case two flights at a time!

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