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Thursday, July 22, 2010

H.A.L. Meeting in Accra

Submitted By Jonathan Porter
Humanitarian Aviation Logistics (H.A.L.)
The Information and Interaction session in Accra, held at the Ghana Aviation Training Academy, was a great success.

We were exceptionally pleased to have one of our Manya Krobo Queen Mothers, as well as two of the Chiefs from Manya Krobo Traditional Council sitting at the front of the room and vocalizing their support. Other delegates included representatives from the health organisations, Ministries, several hospitals, rural Communities, major companies, GCAA, press, pharmaceutical companies and more.

Audrey Biney made the welcome address and was inspirational in the way she recalled her 'flying visits'.
Rosina Matey then spoke of the varied needs of communities and individuals and related it to the Maslows triangle.

Capt Yaw then spoke about the history of Humanitarian aviation Logistics, the aircraft available in Ghana and their relevance to being the catalyst for taking solutions to the site of needs.
Lydia spoke about her desire to be a pilot and helping people. Juliet spoke about how the airstrip where she lives has changed the lives of everybody in the area.

All delegates then participated in in need and solution identification and how or if H.A.L. could have a place in it.
Finally Patricia Mawuli Nyekodzi thanked all delegates for their participation and invited them to the airfield to see more.

* The press were very enthusiastic and provided a lot of encouragement - participating enthusiastically in the interactive sessions.

* The SAR unit of GCAA was pleased to hear we may have a 50% greater POD (Possibility of Detection) than the faster aircraft.

* A Hospital from the North showed interest in us looking at what is involved if they want to establish a medical airstrip

*A ' Traumatoligist' and surgeon was very supportive and prepared to do a mission flight. Also agreed that 10cents of antiseptic would often save thousands of dollars of treatment. So many amputations are avoidable with early treatment (see Red Cross rep comment above!).

* An Eastern region Hospital seemed to think that is was not practical to build airstrips - we believe that is because they are thinking that aircraft need tarmac - it is a hard convince to do for those who see all aircraft as 747's - we will continue to work on getting a strip into their area since seeing is believing...

* The MD of a pharmaceutical company expressed interest in helping with supplies.

* An Air Traffic Controller came along providing support and encouragement - it is great to have people like that showing interest.

* An Ophthalmologist from the UK, visiting, came along and agreed to do a mission to a village next week.

GCAA agreed to consider our desire to investigate aerial supply drop in case of emergencies in Ghana.
Thanks go to all involved especially to WAASPS who sponsored the event (http://www.waasps.com)

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