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Friday, October 18, 2013

Women of worth..... role models

Last night Patricia spoke at the Ashesi university campus as part of the Wolfpack Women of Worth campaign.

Ama K. Abebrese and Agnes Ntow of TV fame, Women of Worth from the Media, were also speaking.

Patricia took three of her girls from the Avtech Academy along with her two new special tools. The Attitude Adjuster hammer and her Hard Work and Determination spanner. Patricia spoke from her heart and shared on a very personal level the challenges of 'making it' in engineering and aviation in Ghana. Similar stories came from Ama K and Agnes in relation to their career sectors.

All of them spoke out against the use of sex as a control tool used in schools, universities and the workplace. These successful young women made it clear that standing up for your self and working forward with your passion is the only route to success. They all shared their frustrations, and then smiled at their achievements.

Patricia was the only candidate who had gone through her journey completely in Ghana, with Ama K having lived in the UK and Agnes in the USA prior to returning to their homeland. It was clear that Ghana is not an easy place for women to succeed, unless they hold their heads high and refuse the status quo, holding to their principles and not being swayed by 'negative influences' in their lives.

Well done Women of Worth - be those role models that will enable others to stand above the rest.